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Credit for FO banner: [ profile] jrockxstar.
Unless we've talked somewhere before and I said you could add me, of course.

Welcome to my journal~. If you would like to add me, leave a comment here and I'll add you back, but please tell me where you've seen me before and why you would like to have me in your f-list. Also, please no dead/new/empty journals. I don't add any of those back for personal reasons.

Meanwhile, feel free to check my fandoms below. I really love to meet new people that share my interests, since it's hard to make friends irl that are into Asian stuff. So you get an idea, my journal entries are 45% about my life and school, 45% about my fandoms and 10% about totally random stuff (usually memes). I don't post that often, so don't worry about being spammed!

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• Gou (J-Drama) 01/50;
Heartstrings (K-Drama) 04/16;
My Princess (K-Drama) 02/16;
Secret Garden (K-Drama) 01/20;
The Quiz Show Season 2 (J-Drama) 09/10.

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J-Dramas, Movies & SPs watched: 48
K-Dramas, Movies & SPs watched: 10
Others: 01
Total: 59

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Because the other post is starting to look messy with so many Beast fics. And why doesn't anyone write Hyunseob? n___n

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I am obsessed.

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So I've always been archiving the fics I enjoyed the most reading throughout last year on my 2010 scrapbook, but since 2010 is over, I thought I should put this somewhere else, so here. I should probably have posted this to my writing comm, but w/e.

This post is constantly being updated. If I rec'd you and you'd like me to remove you, please say so.

Also, cries a little, this took forever to organize.

Cut done.

Jul. 31st, 2010 11:41 am
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I've done the cut. If you can see this entry, it means you're still in.

To the people I've cut, please don't take it personally. .___. I have nothing against any of you, but what's the point of being friends here if we never talk, right?

If you want to come back or think I've made a mistake, do tell me. Pretty much everyone has different names on Twitter and I honestly get confused sometimes. 
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step 1: post this into your LJ publicly.
step 2: others will reply anonymously about what they really think of you

Also, cut is freaking amazing, okay. As one would expect from Aki. ♥
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So, SHINee's 2nd anniversary was yesterday and I wanted to post something to commemorate. Somehow, this became huge and I couldn't finish it up yesterday, hence why I'm posting late. It's somewhat a pimping post, idek how that happened.

Taemin invites you in.
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I've decided to really move to a new community.

[ profile] jmusic_subs[ profile] jmusic_subs[ profile] jmusic_subs

This will be my last post concerning PVs. I think that everything will be more organized over there. ^____^
I will send invites to everyone that friended me because of PVs, but feel free to join now if you want. ^^
I have two new videos posted at jmusic_subs, the Shunkashuutou PV and the MIRROR BALL performance at DISCOTHEQUE play like "A" RAINBOWS -enter&exit-, both by alice nine..

Hope I'll see you there!

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Moved HERE @ [ profile] jmusic_subs (see explanation below)

Also, you may notice on the PV credits the name [ profile] jmusic_subs . That's the community I'm working on right now.
I decided to switch all my work to a community and use my personal journal just for graphics posts. Just like this journal, it'll be public, so joining isn't obligatory. But from time to time I'll post members-only treats, and requesting will be just for members too. On the other hand, I'll have a suggestions post where you can request at any time - when I feel like it, I'll choose some suggested PVs and sub them (not all of them, since I figure that there will be a lot, eventually xD). Plus, I will do videographies posts. Yes, that's right, I'll sub full videographies. xD I'll start with alice nine. 'cause I love them to bits, in case you never noticed, heh since I already have about 5 PVs subbed. These posts will be members-only too (though the individual PV posts will be public) since they'll give me a lot of work. And lastly (there's more?), I'll start working on TV performances and live DVDs when I get the permission of the rippers to do it (which may not always happen). For now, I already have the permission to sub one live DVD (let's see if you can guess the artist :P) that I'll also start working on later.
The community, as the name gives away, will be only to Japanese music, but not restricted to J-Rock/Visual Kei. I don't listen to a lot of J-Pop aside from some exceptions (UTADA-SAMA! ♥) but I'll accept anything on the request posts (yes, even those Johnny's boysbands whose songs I really don't like but whose members I really like because of J-dramas xD).

And that's basically it. And no, I won't die from work overload, don't worry. xD Posts will still be once (twice if I don't have too much schoolwork) per week, so I'll build my empire slowly, heh.
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the beautiful name )

Hyakka Ryouran )


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Subaru )

www. )

Drella )


Innocence )

Waterfall )

~> NONE of this was translated by me, I just typed down the official English translation;
~> A big, big thank you to [ profile] kuroistar_08  for scanning the booklet and letting me share this;
~> I typed this down while I was sleepy, so feel free to point out typos if you spot them >D;
~> Don't flame me saying "This line is wrong" or "It should be *insert*"; as I said, none of this was translated by me and I don't know enough Japanese to correct it;
~> I didn't type down the romaji since a couple of people have already done that. Check [ profile] alice_nine 's posts if you're looking for it too;
~> Feel free to do whatever you want with this. It didn't take me that long to type, so have fun with it. No need to credit either. :D
And to people that thought that this new post was a new PV - I'm sorry, the beautiful name is still on the making. >D Will probably be up tomorrow, though. ^____^
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Since it's Christmas time, I thought I should open requests to sub PVs. ^^

♦ Only ONE request per person!;
♦ The PV you want me to sub must be Japanese - this is only a personal preference, since I don't listen to other Asian music;
♦ When requesting, make sure you follow this guideline:

♦ The PV link above is optional, but if you have a download link to it, it would be much easier for me;
♦ I will do the first FIVE requests that follow these rules. Any others after that won't be done;
♦ If you didn't get the chance to request something, feel free to add me - I'll open more request posts in the future. ^____^

I'll probably be late at responding the requests, because I'll be out until Sunday. Merry Christmas everyone!

Requests are now closed, thanks everyone!

1 - [ profile] grayraven SID's Monokuro no Kiss;
[ profile] yummypocky alice nine.'s Mirror Ball;
3 - [ profile] crimsonxsoda the GazettE's Taion;
4 - [ profile] aozu_chan alice nine.'s the beautiful name;
5 - [ profile] queenconverse the GazettE's LEECH;
6 - [ profile] reyin_ichiki alice nine.'s Shunkashuutou. (I decided to do this last one too. ^__^)
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This is the first time ever I make graphics, so any feedback is more than welcome! ^^


15 Matsumoto Jun;
An Cafe:
06 Miku;
05 takuya;
Tokio Hotel:
07 Bill Kaulitz + 02 Banners.
Total: 35 graphics.


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