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Because the other post is starting to look messy with so many Beast fics. And why doesn't anyone write Hyunseob? n___n

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~> NONE of this was translated by me, I just typed down the official English translation;
~> A big, big thank you to [ profile] kuroistar_08  for scanning the booklet and letting me share this;
~> I typed this down while I was sleepy, so feel free to point out typos if you spot them >D;
~> Don't flame me saying "This line is wrong" or "It should be *insert*"; as I said, none of this was translated by me and I don't know enough Japanese to correct it;
~> I didn't type down the romaji since a couple of people have already done that. Check [ profile] alice_nine 's posts if you're looking for it too;
~> Feel free to do whatever you want with this. It didn't take me that long to type, so have fun with it. No need to credit either. :D
And to people that thought that this new post was a new PV - I'm sorry, the beautiful name is still on the making. >D Will probably be up tomorrow, though. ^____^
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