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Birthdate:May 27
Location:Lisbon., Portugal
Website:JMusic Subs
About me
I will start by saying that I am a person and, as such, I have downsides and upsides.

I'm usually extroverted, but sometimes something happens and I become shyer than I want to. I'm a bit weird and I have a sense of humor that sometimes no one understands. When I like something, I can become quite obsessed with it. I can either have no hard feelings towards someone, or I can do the exact opposite. Laziness? I've got lots of it. I'm really unpractical. If you're looking for something, you won't find it with my help - I become completely blind when I need to find an object. Sometimes I'm bossy and I like things to go the way I want them to. I'm really naïve. Because of that, I learned not to believe in everything people tell me, even if told by someone I trust.

The most important thing to me: friendship, followed closely by music. The ones I consider my friends can count on me for anything. Secrets? I keep them, completely blocked from the outside world. Trust? You can trust me. With no restraints. When I love someone, I give my heart and soul for them. Even if I end up hurt in the end. I would protect someone I love above myself. Even though sometimes I'm selfish, I try to be a giving person. Even if it doesn't work out. I'm happy, and I like to make the people around me happy too. I make friends easily. I'm mature. I think more with my head than with my heart. In spite of that, I'm a romantic person. I'm sweet, and I always avoid fighting. Betraying me equals a one-way ticket out of my life. I try to keep things simple, but sometimes it's impossible. I hate to feel disappointed. I hate the feeling of letting someone down. I don't usually get sad, but it happens. I hate crying. I love laughing. I need to dream. But always making sure that my feet are still on the ground.

I know I have many flaws. But, at least, I try to get better.
With each passing day.

Interested? Read my friends only post to know a bit about my fandoms and comment there before adding me, please. I don't accept random adds, but I will probably add you if you say something first. (:

[info]chirorichan, [info]musicchic121 - moms;
[info]jimaka - sis';
[info]littlefuji - aunt.

Founder & maintainer of:
[info]jmusic_subs - subbed Japanese videos;
[info]jmusic_pt - my translation archive (in Portuguese); meu arquivo de traduções (em português);
[info]mensagem - my writing community.
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