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I am obsessed.

Fold your paper hearts and wear it on your sleeves by blahchiharu
G | ~1k | SHINee in fandom.

Shut Up & That's Nice by chiryo this journal has been deleted.

Creativity by xiahbuns
PG | ~4k | Jinki created four people in his lifetime, each one different from the next, each one taking something different from Jinki to make themselves real.

The Feud by theinterval
R | ~1k | Only-u says: why can't we all just get along Bling* says: stfu ♥Ki~ says: shut up jinki

Happily Ever After by venus_aurea
PG | ~1k | Taemin can't sleep, so Jonghyun and Key tell him a bedtime story. Complete disaster ensues.

The End of the World by intorolude
PG | ~8k | Nothing is going to be okay.

A Ruinous Season: The Bohemian by callherblondie
R | multi-chaptered - on-going | The squelching sound his Hessian boots made as they landed in a river of mud and the stinging torrents of rain that lashed at him from all sides assured Jonghyun Rowland Charles Belasyse, the Viscount Fauconberg, that he had, indeed, returned to the icy bosom of his Mother England.

Natural Causes by pinkweather
PG-13 | ~8k | They were supposed to bring about the end of the world, but Taemin just had to waltz into the destruction and upset the natural order of things. 

(aka clearly the best OTP.)
Just North of Canis Minor by scylladakylla
PG-13 | ~6k | In which Kibum is a Siren and Jinki is a sailor.

Courtship, and How to Suck at It by scylladakylla
PG | ~2k | In which Onew fails at subtlety, Key doesn't care, and Jonghyun hates his life so very, very much.
unconditionally onew by xiahtic
PG | ~2k | As Jinki's shuffling his way to the bathroom, still in transition from sleeping to waking, Kibum bounces over, pushes him against the wall, and kisses him.

Eveready by paperteuk
PG-13 | 500 | One of your clearest memories of your childhood is secretly staying up past bedtime and quietly reading by flashlight under your solar system sheets.

Bus rides by staircasing
R | ~3k | Jinki always takes the 7:13AM bus to school.

Unseen, Unspoken, Understood by echo_effect
PG-15 | ~8k | Kibum doesn't understand how Jinki can be so gentle.

Maid Redefined by venus_aurea
PG | ~7k | When Jinki’s family hires someone to clean their house, Jinki expects to see a typical maid, but instead a boy named Kibum shows up.

Parental Guidance by pinkweather
PG-13 | ~4k | In which a baby is found on SHINee’s doorstep, Kibum discovers the joys of parenthood, and Jinki’s life becomes ten times harder than it already is.

Naïve by lazychaoz
PG-15 | ~2k | You hate yourself because you're weak and you hide it, but you don't know how to stop it.

Faith by echo_effect
PG-15 | ~10k | Slowly, Jinki closed his eyes and prayed.

Eye of the Fox by folkin_up_again
PG-13 | ~5k | Wherein Jinki has magic and Kibum decides to be his familiar.

you carry my heart by lunayeppeo
PG | ~700 | What do you do with a person's heart, anyway?

Inevitable by cerixxe
G | ~200 | It was inevitable.

Steady by acousticscenery
PG | ~1k | Jinki comes home drunk sometimes. Kibum is always there waiting for him.

∝ In Which Kibum Shocks Everyone (Multiple Times) by acousticscenery
PG | ~5k | An unusual week in the SHINee dorm. Kibum wakes up with an electrical problem. Everyone tries to help, in his own way.

(aka the stupid brothers.)
Maniac by nautisch
R | ~6k | Jonghyun's always been too curious for his own good.

Remedy by theinterval
R | ~6k | It takes a lot of contemplation for Jonghyun to finally decide on visiting the local alchemist, but by this point he is desperate.

Double Life by venus_aurea
PG | ~18k | When Onew falls into a coma he finds himself in a different reality where he meets Jonghyun, a total stranger who knows everything about him.

Three Seconds by dubulove
PG-13 | ~9k | Jinki gets caught with his hands down his pants.

Without the Rain There are no Rainbows by mujyakina this journal has been deleted.

dreaming aloud by lazychaoz
PG-13 | ~9k | Jonghyun doesn't dream anymore, but maybe he should try it again.

Golden Rules to Dating Kim Jonghyun by folkin_up_again
R | ~14k | Sometimes they laugh and sometimes they cry. Regardless what of life throws at them, or what it takes away, Jinki and Jonghyun will fight their way through the troubles of love—together.

Of love and other magic by salted_taiyaki
PG-13 | ~8k | Jinki is the Kim brothers’ personal knight-slash-nanny-slash-pillow-for-them-to-cry-on; he is secretly in love with the older sibling, Jonghyun. Said snobby prince decides to run away from the castle one day, and of course, Jinki is the one sent out to find him.

worth a million words by phantomizedacid
PG | ~400 | Just this once Jinki’s going to try it.

déjà vu by symphonied
PG | ~4k | When Jonghyun wakes up, his eyes open to a jarring white.

Through My Brother's Eyes by folkin_up_again
NC-17 | ~6k | Jonghyun has a condition, but it's nothing compared to falling in love with his stepbrother.

(aka this is illegal, but I can't stop shipping it.)

the clock struck twelve and the sparkles expired by pinkweather
PG | ~7k | A Cinderella story, SHINee style.

Forfeit by pinkweather
PG | ~5k | Jinki wonders if it’s okay to be selfish, just this once.

Tall Tale by theinterval
PG-15 | ~5k | Taemin wants a story and gets more than he bargained for.

Leaving Fingerprints on Something Innocent by black_goose
NC-17 | ~3k | There was no one else around, no one else to see the way Taemin slid his hands around his jaw and watched him, the way Onew's eyes moved down to Taemin's mouth, then his tongue coming out to wet his bottom lip.

I Wanna Play The Game by black_goose
NC-17 | ~4k | Taemin cheats at Monopoly. Onew is convinced of it.

OMEGA 3 (or how to court a guy, by lee jinki) by jecca_o9
PG | ~3k | It all began with a box.

Call Me Oppa by wynnetimate
NC-17 | multi-chaptered - on-going | Some people are just unlucky.

oak tree by lvatt
G | ~3k | “Dude,” Jonghyun said the second he saw Jinki appear at the end of the street.

(aka bffs turned lovers.)

Camel Lights by somedaydreaming
R | multi-chaptered - finished | His life has been one of those kiddie roller coasters. You go up a little, you go down a little, and it's over in fifteen seconds. - locked

beyond benefits by pinkweather
PG-13 | ~4k | Jonghyun and Kibum are the last to know that they're exclusively dating.

Sparkly Rainbows and Magic by phasera
PG | ~9k | In which Key stalks Jonghyun and remarks often on the topic of virginity.

White Wishes by kitkii
PG-13 | ~3k | In a grey world, white wishes prevail.

finding forever by redcottonstar
PG | ~4k | "See you in the afterlife," Kibum says.

Sweet Dreams by itachibana13
PG-13 | ~10k | Everything is white, the ceiling, the walls, the floor, his clothes – Kibum is frustrated.

all day long by mei_zi
PG-13 | 800 words | When Kibum wakes up in the morning, he stays in bed for a few minutes to watch the rays of sunlight filter in through his bedroom window.

Last Train To Wherever by somedaydreaming
PG-13 | multi-chaptered - finished | Jonghyun takes the train to the last stop, only to find he's left his life behind.

you are the moon by hambaobao
R | ~16k | It's one-thirty in the afternoon when their plane touches down in Los Angeles, and Jonghyun quite literally could fall asleep standing.

New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down by black_goose
PG-13 | ~5k | After two years apart, it's amazing how easy it is to fall back into the old routines of being best friends. The thing is, Jonghyun isn't here to be Key's best friend again.

The Trouble with Boys by agapic
R | ~6k | Key wants to confess, but can’t. The fact that the rest of SHINee won’t stop interfering in matters really doesn’t help. At all.

carry all these broken bones by losingplaces
PG-13 | ~5k | Kibum couldn't stand the quiet.


(aka I'd love to be awkward with you.)
NC-17 | ~1k | Kibum wakes blinking moonlight out of his eyes, the white sheets bunched and twisted around his calves.

Across the Water by satinsleeves
NC-17 | ~15k | Minho is a premed postbac and Key is his chemistry TA.

Lighter Than A Feather by undamage
PG | ~4k | Kibum comes to terms with his death.

i'm just one wish away by indelible_x
PG-15 | ~1k | They were the kind of couple that would have fights and half of their belongings would be throw out the window, more bruises shared than kisses.

what is a man if not full of lies by nautisch
PG | ~300 | Minho’s never quite figured out just who Kim Kibum is.


(aka the masters of subtlety.)
Fly Me by phasera
PG-13 | ~8k | If Onew is ever going to make it as a professional Cabin Attendant for a successful airline, then he will probably have to overcome his intense fear of flying someday.

There's Something About Jinki by black_goose
PG | multi-chaptered - finished | Onew really doesn't understand what Choi Minho, football captain, loved by the student body as a whole, is doing talking to him, but he'd quite like him to stop. Being the butt of someone's joke was never the point of Onew's high school career.

The Name I Loved by blahchiharu
PG-13 | ~8k | For their ten year anniversary, SHINee releases an album of their greatest hits.

Christmas: A Step-by-Step Manual on How to Believe by saracupcaked
G | ~5k | In which Minho doesn’t believe in many things, like lunch breaks and selfless people and Christmas, and Jinki doesn’t believe him.

I Tira Miss You by intoxicatedbrat
G | ~4k | Of four Italian restaurant employees, one really odd customer and one very stimulating tiramisu.

Kallisti (The Fairest)by incessance and the_suit_case
PG | ~3k | You've been feeling kind of tragic ever since you met him, since you first looked in his eyes when he first showed up in the practice room.

(because OT3s are much loved.)
Double the Trouble But Twice as Nice by scylladakylla
PG-13 | ~5k | Jonghyun and Key wake up one morning as girls, and Onew suffers a lot of abuse.

Welcome to Bermuda by phasera
NC-17 | ~10k | Jinki shrieks, and in the mirror, Kibum's reflection shrieks at the same time, staring back at him with an aghast, horrified expression.

The Egg by theinterval
PG-15 | ~4k | Jinki, Jonghyun and Kibum are paired up for a rather unique group project.

We need a replay by redcottonstar
G | ~13k | If anything, recognizing the signs of their slow slide to falling apart had made it worse.

All the King's Men by theinterval
R | multi-chaptered - finished | Set in ancient Korea. Kibum, as a young boy, was taken into a royal court by the King to be a concubine.

other pairings/crossovers;

End of the Road by venus_aurea
TaeKey | PG | ~3k | Kibum is miserable when he moves from the city to a rural area, but that changes when he meets Taemin, his new neighbor.

O Romeo by theinterval
2min | PG-13 | ~4k | The moment the bell rings, Taemin doesn’t have time to look up from his desk to see the blur of what he knows to be Minho making its way to the door.

∝ Flowers Last Forever by folkin_up_again
2min | PG-13 | ~3k | Every week the man came back, asking Minho to tell him about his husband. But memory is a fickle thing and there are some things Minho refuses to remember.

Super by phonebook
2min | PG-13 | ~4k | They need heroes everywhere, even in a backwater farming town.

in years we grow by pikasu
2min | PG | ~1k | Being together sounds a lot like love.

firefly by quid
2min | PG-13 | ~1k | He's a glitter of gold in a nightclub crammed into the traffic jam that is Seoul, dancing in a crush of bodies, bright eyes lined with kohl.

the way of saint james by milktour
JongHo | PG-13 | ~2k | A very long time ago, before they resolved to drive across Europe in t-shirts and jeans and a stolen black Mustang, Jonghyun asked Minho what he would do if he knew the world would end in a month.

scales and arpeggios by nautisch
2hyun | PG-13 | ~16k |  The first person Kyuhyun sees in the SM building is a girl that looks about ten with a big, gummy smile and high pigtails, and it’s only the fifth time that day that he’s felt too old for this.


Niceties of Society by mujyakina this journal has been deleted.

Onwards (we're going to live forever) by saengie
Key-centric | R | ~14k | It's just a gate, opening onto the road that will lead them from Sunan and onwards, ever onwards.

comme argile by jecca_o9
Key-centric | G | ~300 | He is the feminine one, with the sharp cheekbones and almond eyes.

Connect by scylladakylla
Onew-centric | PG | ~1k | Onew tries too hard to be the perfect leader.

five times jinki fails without anyone noticing by closeta
Onew-centric | PG | ~3k | Everyone knows how he graduated second in his class. What no one knows is that Jinki could have gotten first.

Heaven and Back by mujyakina this journal has been deleted.

Junhyung 1 | 2

Taemin 1 | 2

favorite authors;
(aka hey, you know what, I'll read any pairing you write, because you're awesome.)

black_goose @ inkin_brushes
callherblondie @ froufoxes
chirorichan/starscouldfall @ daydreammachine
echo_effect @ italicsanddots
nautisch @ chagrinning
phasera @ openending
redcottonstar @ intorolode
scylladakylla @ parthenope_sing
venus_aurea @ passionability

So I've always been archiving the fics I enjoyed the most reading throughout last year on my 2010 scrapbook, but since 2010 is over, I thought I should put this somewhere else, so here. I should probably have posted this to my writing comm, but w/e.

This post is constantly being updated. If I rec'd you and you'd like me to remove you, please say so.

Also, cries a little, this took forever to organize.
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